Banking and Finance

The Firm has a robust banking and finance practice and has been advising clients on emerging as well as established products within a dynamic regulatory and legal atmosphere.

Our focus has always been to provide client-centric strategic advice which demonstrates a keen understanding of the outcome sought to be achieved by the client.

We have advised clients on diverse issues including but not limited to various compliances prescribed for a company seeking to be registered as a non-banking finance company.

The Firm has extensive experience in the areas of external commercial borrowings and project financing etc.

We regularly advise our clients on the applicable compliances relating to each transaction as well as on various financing facilities availed by them.

We have also advised several clients on intricate regulatory issues under the guidelines of the Reserve Bank of India applicable to domestic and cross-border lending.

By blending our banking practice seamlessly with our corporate expertise, we are well equipped to structure and deliver solutions to meet the precise requirements of each transaction and provide all necessary assistance for the same. This unified approach ensures that advice to our clients is clear cut and holistic.