Employment policy and practices are central to an increasingly global marketplace and employment related issues are among the most common legal matters that arise in the corporate world. We advise both domestic and international clients on the complex regulatory and legal aspects of employment and labour law in order to enable full compliance with all the applicable laws and provisions. The Firm also works in partnership with clients to develop individual and creative solutions to the modern workplace issues: from working conditions, employee relations, HR policies and privacy, to restructuring, relationship breakdowns and dispute resolution.

We have a core team that specializes in employment and labour law. Our experienced team provides advice on all major legal and regulatory aspects that pertain to employment and the employer-employee relationship, including:

– Employment contracts

– Non-compete & non-solicitation arrangements

– Company policies such as anti-discrimination and whistleblower policies


– Disciplinary action

– Retrenchment/Termination of services

– Compliance check and Employment Law audit

– Employment law advisory

– Prevention of sexual harassment of women at workplace