Real Estate & Property

The Firm provides a comprehensive range of services to owners, investors and developers involved in the real estate marketing areas including acquisitions and disposals, construction, financing, development, and leasing. The Firm’s clients benefit from the Firm’s significant experience in orchestrating complex, long-term projects that involve drafting documentation, facilitating negotiations, navigating legal and regulatory issues. We undertake title verifications, drafting convincing and lease/license agreements, and other related documents.

Our areas of practice within Real Estate include:

Investments, Sales and Acquisitions

Indian property laws are complex due to the applicability of various state, central and local legislations. Property dealings in India can be complicated due to small and fragmented holdings, diverse communities and religions, and lack of appropriate documentation. The Firm provides co-ordinated advice on the buying and selling of investment properties, the establishment of investment vehicles (such as joint ventures and partnerships), asset management and property management arrangements and cross-border investment advice and structuring.


The Firm has a wealth of experience in acting for tenants and other occupiers of real estate. The Firm ensures that it has a real understanding of its client’s reasons for wanting the relevant property and the use the client intends to make of it.

The Firm offers a comprehensive range of services for landlords and tenants, both corporate and private, which include commercial leases in the retail, industrial and office sectors, assignments and surrender of leases and licenses to assign and sublet.

Construction and Development

The Firm provides a wide range of services including the drafting and negotiation of building contracts, sub-contracting arrangements, appointment of professional consultants etc., as well as in acquisitions and disposals of land for commercial and residential development.