Chethan Kamath

Patents, Principal Associate
About Chethan:

Chethan is an experienced Intellectual Property Attorney and a registered Patent Agent with over 15 years of overall work experience. He has significant experience in handling all IP related matters including, but not limited to, patent drafting and prosecution, patent valuation, patent landscaping, patent infringement analysis, and so forth. In his career so far, he has drafted over 200 patent applications and prosecuted over 500 patent applications in India and other jurisdictions. He has built his domain expertise in several fields including, mechanical, software, electronics & telecommunications, and new technologies such as blockchain, cryptocurrency, machine learning, and AI. Chethan also assists and advises startups and independent inventors on matters related to protection of IP.

Practice Areas :

Patent Laws

Patents provide an inventor a monopoly to make or sell his invention. The monopoly is provided in the form of ...