A design right protects the distinct appearance of a product, by providing a monopoly over the design of the product. Conception of a design requires investment of considerable amount of time and capital and plays an important role in the sales of the product by shaping a buyer’s preference for that article.

Under the Indian Designs Act, 2000 only those designs that are new or original are a subject matter of design registration in India. A design cannot be registered if it is not significantly distinguishable from known designs or combination of designs. Under design registration law, the proprietor gets returns on the investment that it had made in developing the design.

The Firm helps its clients in securing and protecting the designs for their products. The Firm has developed a customized system having records of granted designs and pending design applications in India that enables the Firm to maintain proper tracks of the deadlines and take actions on matter in a time-bound manner.

The Firm’s services include -:

  • Preparing, filing, and prosecuting design applications for design registration in India;
  • Renewal, opposition and infringement procedures.
  • Efficient Design Searches
  • Advising on Registration of Design
  • Advising on Infringement of Design
  • Advising on Opposition and Licensing of Design
  • Design watch
  • Protection of Design Rights