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Obhan & Associates is a reputed, skilled and professionally managed law firm that was established in 2007. The Firm has been recognized for its expertise in patent, trade mark, copyright and design protection and is a highly ranked practice in the country.

The Firm was conceived to meet the growing demand from Indian and International clients for a dedicated, responsive and strategic approach in securing and enforcing IP rights in India. In this rapidly improving and changing atmosphere in the IP field, the Firm is geared to advise its clients on how to develop, register and protect their IP portfolio. The Firm facilitates and synergizes the creation of IPR law protection, the prosecution, enforcement and ultimately the strengthening of the same in India and worldwide.

The Firm comprises of professionals from diverse backgrounds, all of whom combine excellence in their areas of specialization with a strong understanding of the Indian Intellectual Property (“IP”) and Corporate law system.

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Turn Around Time

Our team is is experienced in dealing with all types of IP and Corporate Law transactions for clients, from start-ups to multinationals. The team is proactive and prompt with their service. Quality work and speedy response time is our primary strength.

Qualified Professionals

The Firm comprises of professionals from diverse backgrounds, with an excellence in their areas of specialization and a strong understanding of the Indian IP and Corporate Law system.

Value Pricing

The Firm is a one stop solution for all IP and Corporate Law matters. We believe in contingent and competitive pricing based on the services provided by us. The Firm prides itself on building long lasting relationships with its clients and providing a tailored service to meet the specific needs of each of its clients.

Concise Advice

The Firm has a specialized team which understands the working of the Indian legal system enabling it to provide clear concise advice after understanding its clients’ requirements. The Firm is known for its simple, transparent and easy to understand policies and procedures.

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Tokenisation of cards in India: Explained

Amidst the rise in cases of financial data leaks in India, the Reserve Bank of India’s (“RBI”) efforts towards the adoption of a framework of tokenisation of cards in India have been appreciated by the industry. …
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Fantasy Sports: Fantasy or Reality? Impact of Gambling Legislation

Online fantasy sports gaming is booming in India and has in a short span become a prominent form of online gaming in the country, despite legal and regulatory challenges. Fantasy sports is predominantly a prediction game where players assemble a dream team of real sportspersons active in a variety of sports such as football, cricket, basketball, kabaddi etc. and thereafter participate in contests, competitions that ...
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Patent Applicants in India: Special Privileges for Start-ups and Small Entities

A patent application can be filed either alone or jointly, by any person claiming to be the true and first inventor of the invention, or by the assignee of such person, or the legal representative of a deceased person who immediately before their death was entitled to make such an application. …
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On October 8, 2021, in the case of M/s Gimpex Private Limited vs. Manoj Goel , the Supreme Court of India has held that a cheque issued pursuant to a deed of settlement between parties will be presumed to have been issued towards discharge of a debt or liability under Section 138 of the Negotiable Instruments Act (“NI Act”), which fastens criminal liability in cheque ...
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Do reference signs clarify or limit the scope of patent claims in India?

Reference signs are used to improve the intelligibility of claims. Sometimes also known as “reference numerals”, they help understand claims in light of the specification and drawings on record. If a patent application contains drawings, the claims can be clarified by establishing a connection between the features mentioned in the claims, corresponding to reference signs in the drawings. …
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Unravelling the Riddles of Secret Prior Art in India and elsewhere

Patents are granted for inventions that are novel and involve an inventive step. Any information or material that is publicly available or published before the filing of a patent application is known as “prior art” and this forms the basis on which novelty and inventive step is determined. …
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Practice Areas

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of the different types of law, so make a note of those that interest you, read more about them with our specific guides, and make sure you apply for work experience in these areas to see if they’re for you!

Intellectual Property Law

The Firm possesses expertise in prosecution and opposition of all forms of IP matters, advising clients on IP ...

Corporate Law

The Firm’s highly experienced corporate team provides a broad range of transactional and advisory services t...


The Firm has qualified attorneys with expertise and vast experience in litigation, appearing regularly in all ...

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