Patents provide an inventor a monopoly to make or sell his invention. The monopoly is provided in the form of rights which allow the inventor to prevent others from using, selling or making his product or using his process without his prior consent.

Patents are given for inventions that are new, not obvious and are capable of being used in an industry. Patents help inventors and companies gain returns on the investment made in developing the technology.

Our patent law firm in India includes attorneys and professionals from wide range of technology domains including mechanical engineering, chemistry, electronics & communications, IT, software, life sciences and biotechnology having strong technical background with an in- depth knowledge of Indian patent laws. Our patent law firm in India has an extensive experience in reviewing the inventions, drafting patent specifications, patent filing in India and prosecuting the patent applications, conducting patent searches and providing opinions and advising the clients on various patent matters pertaining to Indian patent laws.

The Firm provides highest quality and customized services to its client including patent searches, patent drafting, patent filing in India, prosecution of patent applications, and enforcement and management of client’s patent portfolio. The Firm assists the clients in developing, protecting and enforcing their patent filling rights in a wide range of technology domains.

The Firm has a network of associates throughout the world to ensure that your ideas are protected not only in the domestic market but also worldwide.

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The Firm aids its clients in filing and prosecuting patent applications not only in India but also in different parts of the world. The Firm closely works with a number of overseas associates to help clients file and prosecute patent applications overseas. The Firm has state of the art customized systems in place to ensure timely and proper filings of patents in India and internationally.

The Firm has a team of technological experts, consultants and patent attorneys, who are experienced in preparing patent applications to meet the highest industry and client defined standards for filing in the US, Europe, India and PCT. Our clients include individual inventors, academicians, universities and corporates. Our attorneys and patent professionals work closely with the innovators to assess inventions and draft patent applications. The diverse technical background of our attorneys ensures that the client works with an attorney having the relevant technology background. The Firm’s drafting procedure requires compliance with a strict check list and each draft undergoes a two tier review while adhering to set time frames.


The Firm has an experienced search team for conducting global patent and prior art searches. The Firm subscribes to various paid patent databases to ensure that the searches are as comprehensive as possible. The Firm also has been a pioneer in developing a comprehensive electronic Indian patent database, containing details of all published applications and granted patents in India till date. The team routinely performs searches in the area of chemistry, life sciences, biotech, electronics, information technology, and mechanical engineering.

The type of search depends upon the ultimate objective and includes patentability searches, validity searches, freedom to operate searches, state of the art searches and patent landscapes. Our clients include major manufacturers in a variety of industries, research organizations and universities.

The Firm helps clients develop a proactive intellectual property strategy and assists them with strategic decision-making. Our experienced attorneys routinely counsel clients on various matters including freedom-to-operate, validity and patent enforceability infringement, due diligence, designing around, licensing, and commercialization.
Our technical expertise in various areas ensures that our clients work with an attorney well versed in the technology at hand.

The Firm has qualified attorneys with expertise and vast experience in litigation, appearing regularly in all forums in India, representing diverse range of clients. The Firm is further well networked domestically as well as internationally and has collaborations with various senior counsels and international associates in order to strategically safeguard the rights of its clients as and when required. The Firm not only advises its clients in relation to litigation but also encourages them to resolve disputes by way of alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, wherever feasible, for speedy and cost effective resolution of disputes.
The Firm has represented the clients in various matters including pre-grant and post grant patent opposition proceedings, patent revocation proceedings and infringement law suits.