How can an applicant comply with the requirement of submitting assignment deed/ form 1 if the inventors are not available to sign the same due to change in employment/ death?

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In case of unavailability of inventor(s) for signing the assignment deed/ form 1, one of the following documents may be submitted to comply with the requirement:

1. Notarized/ certified copy of an existing assignment submitted in the priority application/ corresponding application. Also, such existing assignment deed must indicate that the inventor(s) have assigned their rights worldwide.

2. Notarized/ certified copy of the employment agreement executed by the inventor with the applicant wherein the inventor would have transferred all the rights arising in an invention to the applicant.

3. A copy of Declaration as to the Applicant’s Entitlement to Apply for and Be Granted a Patent submitted in the PCT application in accordance with Rule 4.17(ii) of the PCT Regulations.

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