Desktop Yoga sessions to help alleviate stress

The staff at Obhan & Associates experienced an enriching and invigorating Chair Yoga session at the office premises. This is an effort towards a healthier and more wholesome working environment. Details of the session, conducted by Vishal Verma, follow below.

Stress Management Workshop by Vishal Verma


Desktop Yoga

– No need to roll out a mat or change clothes

– Classic yoga postures which can be integrated into your desk bound lifestyle



1. Dangers of a desk bound lifestyle

2. Sitting is the new smoking

3. How gymming is not enough when you lead a sedentary lifestyle.


Stretches for shoulders and neck

1. Garudasana: simple and advanced

2. Pranamasana: simple, advanced, with hands behind

3. Pawan muktasana

4. Ardha chandrasana (crescent pose, seated version)

5. Gomukh asana (cow face pose with book)

6. Trikonasana (seated)

7. Ardha ushtrasana (half camel)

8. Ushtrasana (camel pose)

9. Swaying palm tree pose

10. Seated spinal twist



1. Abdominal twist

2. Double angle stretch

3. Forward bend (hand to toe pose)


Strain on eyes

1. How artificial lighting and exposure to gadgets disturbs the natural balance of eyes

2. Yogic exercises to relax your eyes

3. Trataka (yogic exercise with ball/crumpled paper ball)

4. Trataka (yogic exercise with pen)


 Ankle (without shoes)

1. Reason for ankle injuries

2. Why walking is not enough?

3. Stretches

4. Ankle bend (goolf naman)

5. Palm tree pose (tadasana)

6. Ankle circle (goolf chakra)



1. Alternate nostril breathing

2. Humming bee